Jumeirah Beach Residence

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Originally the weekend in Dubai was Thursday and Friday.

Now the normal weekend in Dubai is generally considered to be Friday and Saturday.

Friday 'brunch' is a widely followed expat tradition and you'll find the cafes packed!

Sunday is a normal working day.

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Now forgive this little ramble - our admittedly somewhat limited experience of expats living in Dubai is that they know all the Favourite Bars, the Best Restaurants and the Popular Restaurants, Cafes and Sports Bars, in effect their own expat village of friends and locations around which their lives revolve. Additionally they've learnt the general rules, laws and Important Information for what is a comfortable lifestyle plus the driving rules and how to get around by car, especially the journeys to and from work and to and from the malls, beaches, pools and gyms.

What surprises us is that we often seem to know more about the Places to Visit and Things to Do than do many of the expats we meet. We seem to have visited tourist and cultural places that they've yet to find time to see. But it is a 'work hard' sort of place where long working hours are the norm, so perhaps this is to be expected.

We'll bet that very few Western expats have tried Getting Around by Metro or even been on either of the two Big Bus Tours (see Best Ways to See Dubai).

The Western expat world in Dubai is mainly filled with young(ish) people who'll probably only stay a few years before moving on. We hope they get the chance to fully explore the city and its surrounding areas before they leave and the weekends would be an ideal time for them to do this. They need their own Dubai holiday!

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