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Understanding Signs

Getting Around Dubai can be difficult and even stressful at times but at least you don't need to worry about not being able to understand signs whether on shops, roads or at the airport as virtually all major signs in Dubai are in two languages - Arabic and English.

However be aware that out of Dubai city itself, sign-posting is not one of the country's strong points and it helps to have some landmarks in mind or the names of a few places to look out for on your proposed journey!

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Signage is however slowly getting better all the time. Blue or green signs indicate the roads, exits or locations out of the city, and brown signs show heritage sites, places of interest and hospitals. Dubai's newer signage relies more heavily on street names and compass directions, compared to the older system which relied more on local area names and illogically numbered streets.

If the signage gets confusing, remember that Abu Dhabi is south of Dubai, Sharjah is north of Dubai, the beach is to the west and the desert is to the east.

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Enjoy your Dubai holiday - it'll be an experience you'll never forget, but if you're driving please take care.

Remember - Road accidents are the biggest killer in Dubai.

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