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If you're about to embark on your first Dubai holiday it helps to know just what to expect and what the local expats tend to do when it comes to tipping. Here's what we find:

Hotels generally include a 10% to 15% service charge in bills. If not, adding around 10% is normal.

Popular Restaurants and Cafes may include a 10% to 15% service charge to bills. If not, add what you think it was worth, but use 10% - 15% as a guide.

For taxi trips 10% or just rounding up to the nearest 5 Dhs is standard if you've been happy with the service. If you've not been happy, for instance if the cab smells, the driver seems to be deliberately going the wrong way or doesn't even know the way, or talks on their mobile/cellphone whilst driving, don't tip. (Make sure you've low denomination notes or a few dirham coins for taxis!)

If out shopping, most shops, especially all those in the malls, will have fixed prices and tipping is not expected. It's only in the traditional souks and areas with mainly Eastern populations where you may be expected to haggle on price and by definition additional tipping is not therefore expected.

For other services such as hotel valets etc. two or three dirhams is ok.

It's useful to have a few 1Dh or half Dh coins handy for miscellaneous tips. Anything less is just extra metal to carry around and if used as a tip may be seen as an insult.

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