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Telephone Numbers

The two telecoms providers in Dubai are Etisalat (www.etisalat.ae) and du (www.du.ae). If you wish, when you arrive at the airport, you can purchase a Dubai based SIM card for your phone.

The main body of a Dubai telephone number comprises seven digits, often displayed in blocks of three and four e.g. 234 5678.

The international dialing code for Dubai is +971. This is followed by the landline code 04, but you delete the 0 and just use the 4 if dialling from outside Dubai. From a mobile or cell phone the code is 50. You then add the 7-digit number.

So for example from the UK - ringing a landline use the prefix 009714, and ringing a mobile/cell phone use the prefix 0097150 (or if it doesn't work try 0097155), and then add the other seven digits.

In Dubai, when calling a landline from a mobile phone add 04 before the number (use 02 for Abu Dhabi) and when calling a mobile number from a mobile add 050 (or occasionally 055) before the number.

Landline to landline calls in Dubai are free, but call rates to other countries, especially from a mobile phone, are relatively expensive.

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I've struggled to get my head properly round the Dubai phone number system and this is how it seems to work - please Contact Us to correct me, in very simple terms, if any of this is wrong.

The easiest way to enjoy your Dubai holiday is to get someone else to ring for you! If you're staying in a hotel in Dubai it would be quite normal to get the receptionist to find the number and ring it for you. They'll even recommend and then ring to book restaurants and excursions for you! Our pages on Food and Drink and Places to Visit and Things to Do will give you an idea of where you may wish to go and what you might wish to do.

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