Jumeirah Beach Residence

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Don't forget you're in one of the hottest places in the world, especially in June, July and August, when it can get up to 50 degrees Centigrade. So Dress is important in that you'll probably need to cover up with light, loose clothing if you're outside in the heat and sun of the day.

Sunglasses and high factor sunscreens/suncreams are a must every day - they're not optional extras. Without them the sun's brightness could damage your eyes and the strength of the sun's heat can easily lead to sunburn and/or sunstroke. Never forget them!

Dehydration is the other thing to consider. Drink lots and lots of water. We suggest you buy bottled water and take a bottle of water out with you. If you're able to leave it in a freezer overnight beforehand it'll stay cold for hours the following day as it gradually melts. If you've no freezer at least try to keep it in a fridge. You'll see expats out and about carrying water and they're much more likely to be used to the heat than you - so if they need it, you'll need it more!

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Enjoy your Dubai holiday...Drink plenty of water...it's simple!

Why not consider a game of golf? Avoid the mid-day sun if possible and take plenty of water with you - have a look at our Golf in Dubai page. You'll probably be expected to hire a buggy but even then it may prove to be too energetic. Don't worry, you'll find something more to your liking in our Places to Visit and Things to Do section.

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