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For background on Dubai, its social issues and people why not read one of its English language newspapers before you go. The non-critical Gulf News is a good place to start. If not obtainable at large newsagents find it online at www.gulfnews.com and you'll get a good sense of what Dubai is all about. It also gives you a good daily summary of what's happening around the world, whether its politics, lifestyle or sport, or Dubai property, car and furniture prices.

The bible for expats living in Dubai, for social events, kids activities, sports, nightlife and music, restaurants, what's new and what's happening around town, is the weekly Time Out Dubai magazine. You can also find it online at www.timeoutdubai.com, and it's well worth a look.

For a more personal view of Dubai and how life is for expats over there, have a look at a book published in 2010 called 'Hello Dubai' by Joe Bennett under ISBN 978-1-84737-674-9. Its strap-line is 'Skiing, Sand and Shopping in the World's Weirdest City' and it's written in something of a Bill Bryson style, with wise and witty comment on every page. For those of us who have been to Dubai a few times it really echoes many of our own observations and accurately brings so many aspects of life in Dubai to mind.

For those considering living and working in Dubai you'll find all you need to know about life, work, property and everyday life in this momentous city in a book written by local Dubai author Meera Ashish. Called 'Live & Work in Dubai' and published by www.howtobooks.co.uk it goes a little deeper than a pure tourist guide and covers things like driving licences, opening a bank account, finding accommodation, the education system and schools, hospitals, understanding the legal system and useful lists of clubs and social activities that'll help newcomers quickly become part of the expat village. The ISBN number is 978-1-84528-353-7. 'Ostentatious, glam, materialistic, and tax free, Dubai is one of the most popular overseas locations for expatriate professionals' - discover why!

For a much more detailed background about the development of Dubai, from a village of mud huts to a glittering city-state, have a look at Jim Krane's book 'City of Gold' (or any other book by him on the growth of Dubai). Most interesting for anyone wanting more than just a quick overview it's published by Picador and it's ISBN number is 978-0-312-65543-3.

Your first holiday in Dubai? Look at Where To Stay in Dubai and Hotels in Dubai.

Many holidaymakers like to do a bit of research before they go anywhere new and those taking their holiday in Dubai should be no exception. It's a fascinating place especially if you go with the intention of trying to experience the wide range of sights, experiences and activities that are available. A little pre-planning and you'll get a proper feel for the city, the somewhat limited culture, even the overwhelming emptiness of the desert.

Any decent bookshop will have a selection of Dubai holiday guide books. Personally I prefer Lonely Planet ones largely because most of them have good and useful maps which is more of a necessity in Dubai than you might imagine and good maps are hard to find. One of the best, although it's not to scale, is the free one in the Big Bus Tour leaflet - See our page Best Ways to See Dubai.

Dubai is a big city and a good map will not only help you get a feel for the size of the place, it'll help you get an idea where one attraction is in relation to others and, by helping you visit all the attractions in one area at a time, save you time and taxi fares by not going here, there and everywhere in an unplanned way.

In many places a five year old guide book would be just as useful as a new one, because little changes. In Dubai you need a new one with up-to-date maps. Things change quickly in Dubai and road layouts in some of the newer areas can change overnight. In 2005 no-one would have gone to the area where you'll now find the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), The Dubai Fountain (the largest fountain in the world) and Dubai Mall (the largest mall in the world). Nowadays a visit here is a must!

Other useful guides include Fodor's in Focus 'Dubai' and the AA's spiral guide to Dubai. Why aren't all guides made in spiral form? They're so much more visitor friendly. See our Information Sources page for more guide suggestions.

If you're a first time visitor our pages on the Best Ways to See Dubai, Getting Around Dubai and Places to Visit and Things to Do in Dubai will be invaluable.

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