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Arabic Translator

Whilst almost everyone you encounter during your holiday in Dubai will speak at least a little English, every attempt to speak Arabic will be appreciated by the local Emerati and Arab population. Be aware though that most trade people, shop workers and taxi drivers will be of Asian or Oriental origin with little or no understanding of Arabic.

Here, we attempt to give an idea of some basic Arabic words. However Arabic is not always a very clearly defined language and Arabs may have different variations and even slightly different interpretations to some of the words. This affects us only in so far as spellings or indeed pronounciations may vary from place to place and person to person, but don't let this stop you trying to use a few of them.

Basic Arabic Niceties

Hello - Marhaba
Peace be upon you - As-salaamu alaikum
Upon you be peace - Wa-alaikum as-salaam
Do you speak English? - Hal tatakallam al-ingliiziya?
Until we meet again - Ilallika
How are you? - Kaif il haal?
Good morning - Sabaah il khayr (kh = ch as in loch)
Good evening - Massa'il khayr
Greetings - A'salamu alaykum
Welcome - Ahlan wa sahlan
Goodbye - Ma'is salaama
Sorry - Aasif
God willing - Insha'allah
Please (to man) - Min fadlak
Please (to woman) - Min fadlik
Thank you (very much) - Shukran (jazeelan)
You're welcome - Afwan
Yes/No - Na'am/laa
Let's go - yalla
Congratulations - Mabrook
Maybe - Mumken
I don't know - Laa aarif
Who?/What? - Man?/Maadha?
Where?/Why? - Ayne/Lee matha?
How much? - Cost bekam?
How many? - Kam?
The bill please - Al Fatourah min fadlak


Zero - Sifr
One - Wahid
Two - Ithnain
Three - Talata
Four - Arba'a
Five - Khamsa
Six - Sitta
Seven - Saba'a
Eight - Tamanya
Nine - Tisa'a
Ten - Ashara
Eleven - Heda'ash
Twelve - Itna'ash
Thirteen - Talata'ash
Fourteen - Arbaata-ashar
Fifteen - Khamista'ash
Sixteen - Sitta'ash
Seventeen - Saba' ta'ash
Eighteen - Tamanta'ash
Nineteen - Tis a ta'ash
Twenty - Ishreen
One hundred - Meyah/mi'a


Sunday - Al ahad
Monday - Al itnayn
Tuesday - Al talata
Wednesday - Al arba'a
Thursday - Al khamees
Friday - Al juma'a
Saturday - Al sabt

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Minute - Daqiqa
Hour - Sa'aa
Day - Yom
Month - Shahr
Year - Sana
Today - Al yom
Yesterday - Ams or imbarah
Tomorrow - Bukra

Getting Around

Airport - Matar
Post Office - Maktab al barid
Bank - Bank
Passport - Jawaz safar
My luggage - Shanati
Ticket - Tath karah
Taxi - Taxi
Car - Sayyarra
City - Madina
Street - Shaarah
Road - Tareeq
Bridge - Jisr
Mosque - Jame'h or masjid
Bazaar - Souk
Boat - Markab
Beach - Al bahar
Airport customs - Jumrok
Library - Maktabah
Shop - Mahall
Museum - Mathaf

We hope you'll find a few of these words useful from time to time. They can only enhance your Dubai holiday.

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