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Other Useful Guides & Websites (also a weekly magazine available in Dubai - the expats bible!)

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Favourite Guide

‘Best of Dubai’ – Lonely Planet
The Ultimate Pocket Guide & Map
(If you can't find it, Lonely Planet do a range of other Dubai guides)

Other Guides

An increasing number of publishers are producing Dubai guides. We suggest you find an up-to-date, recently published one with a good map - covering all of Dubai, with attractions and touristy places specifically highlighted. It'll make your site-seeing organisation so much easier! If nothing else, although it's not to scale, use the map in the Big Bus leaflet that you can pick up everywhere.

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Expat Favourites

Whilst Dubai is a large, widespread, work hard - play hard city, it is in many ways, and for differing expat groups, a relatively small expat multi-national village where everybody knows everybody else or at least the friends of everybody else. As the majority of expats are on short term (often renewable) contracts lasting perhaps two or three years, friendships and friendly business contacts are made quickly, because time is short and working life is busy, busy, busy.

Staying with family in Dubai, we've recognised that they tend to use a selection of favourite publications for finding out what's happening in Dubai, finding clubs and interest groups that help expats get to know each other, plus details of places to dine and other entertainment opportunities, as well as getting hold of numerous discount vouchers that can be used by visitors as well as locals.

Current favourites include:

Time Out Dubai - a weekly magazine suggesting where to eat, entertainment venues, bars, clubs, places to visit, sports and special events. It's not going to be easy to get a copy before your first visit to Dubai, so have a look at

What's On - a magazine said to be similar to Time Out.

7 Days - a daily free local newspaper that can often be picked up in the foyer of apartment blocks and hotels. Good general coverage of local & international news including sports. Find out more at

Xpress - a free newspaper distributed through hotels and apartment blocks.Good for local news and sport. Visit

The Explorer - a regularly published book - everything you need for living in and loving Dubai - primarily for first time workers arriving in Dubai, but also of use and interest to visitors. Covers : Restaurants and Nights Out, Health & Beauty, Red Tape, Working in Dubai including recruitment tips, At Home including services you may need, Kids (Childcare & Activities), Activities (Sports, Hobbies, Groups and Clubs), Shopping and Explore Dubai. More info at

There's also a monthly Explorer Magazine - 'Live Work Explore' in the UAE which you may be able to buy or subscribe to, but you may also find a complimentary copy. More info at

The Entertainer - a series of books published (seemingly) annually. There's a general one, plus more specialized ones on Fine Dining, Family, Kids, Body and Travel. Gives details of thousands of things to do and places to visit but equally importantly includes hundreds of discount vouchers offering two for the price of one meals, etc. etc., and it's this that makes it attractive to expats. Visit for more information.

Also have a look at:

AA's Spiral Guide to Dubai -
Fodor's In Focus on Dubai - 'Discover the Essence of Dubai'.
Live & Work in Dubai by Meera Ashish from
Dubai's weekly Time Out magazine. If it's good enough for the locals......!
For an A-Z type street map book try Dubai Street Map Explorer, 'Your Guide to Getting Around Dubai' from

Our Favourite Book about Dubai and other Emirates

‘Hello Dubai’
‘Skiing, sand and shopping in the world’s weirdest city!’
A funny, highly subjective but wise and witty personal view of Dubai that tells it how it is.
By Joe Bennett (in the Bill Bryson style)
ISBN 978-1-84737-674-9

Government Information

Many governments throughout the world give ongoing advice to travellers and you're always well advised to have a look at the thoughts and advice given by your own government before going to another country. If nothing else their websites will tell you about visa requirements and any specific restrictions that could affect you and your travel plans.

We are not aiming to give a full list of individual countrys' foreign travel advice websites, but as we're an English language based site feel you may be interested in the views and advice given by the UK and USA governments. We suggest you use your own base country's website as your starting point and then perhaps use one of these other sites to confirm, or highlight differences in, the international thinking about a country you're considering visiting.

The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is and if you select the Travel and Living Abroad page you can then select virtually any country in the world. For Dubai select United Arab Emirates and click 'Go'.

The USA's version is where under Quick Links, select Travel Warnings, and then under International Travel Information you select the country you're interested in. For Dubai select United Arab Emirates and click 'Go'.

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We give no guarantee that the information on this website is accurate or up to date. Although we make every effort to give correct information and regularly up-date and change the information provided, it’s still possible, indeed likely, that some information has changed or become out of date. After all Dubai is a fast developing, ever changing city. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or any consequences of this. 

Much of what is mentioned on the website is, in any case, a personal or family view. Some elements have been taken from other publications or websites to give you an even fuller flavour of this amazing city.

We would always suggest you carry out your own additional, up-to-date research both before you visit Dubai and when you are there.

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