Ski Dubai

Ski-ing in the heat of Dubai? Yes it’s possible at Ski Dubai!

Whilst it may be a baking 45°C outside, inside Ski Dubai it’s generally around minus 1° or 2°, but drops to minus 8° during snow making, and all sorts of snow-related activities are on offer.

Ski Dubai

Where is it?
You’ll find the only place to go snow skiing in Dubai is at Ski Dubai, which you’ll find inside Mall of the Emirates on the south side of Sheikh Zayed Road. Travelling out of Dubai in the Jebel Ali direction it’s on the left of SZR and you take Exit 39 on the 4th interchange following the directions towards Al Barsha. Keep an eye open and you’ll see the ski slope before you get there. Find it on a sat-nav by using GPS co-ordinates, in degrees, of Lat 25.117785 & Lon 55.197869. There’s a massive free multi-storey car park and a taxi drop-off/pick-up point for the mall, so you’ll have no parking worries.  

Early on in your holiday in Dubai take the Big Bus Tour’s Blue/Beach tour – it’ll show you where Mall of the Emirates is and give you a chance to have a look at Ski Dubai. For information on the Big Bus Tours see Best Ways to See Dubai.

What is it?
Ski Dubai is the first indoor snow and ski resort in the Middle East in which to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or just playing in the snow. Young or old, experienced or not, there is something for everyone, from the beginner to the complete snow sport enthusiast. Ski Dubai is an amazing 22,500 square metres of snow in a unique mountain-themed attraction that offers the opportunity to enjoy real snow in Dubai all year round.

Can I Just Watch?
Yes you can, from the floor above the Ski Dubai entrance. There's a small (perhaps 20 metres) window area that gives you a chance to get a feel for what it's about. However, I think this is now the major criticism and failing of Ski Dubai. A few years ago, before Mall of The Emirates was as developed as much as it is now, it was a lot easier, with more viewing space outside the attraction, to watch family,  friends and others enjoying themselves in Ski Dubai. Since then the viewing options have been gradually reduced to a ridiculously small level which must be a real disappointment to many visitors to the Mall. 

It seems this has been totally lost on the Mall owners who have crammed in extra restaurants in what was the best viewing area. You can still get these views but now you need to do it whilst having a meal at a table in a quality restaurant.

What Ski Dubai now needs, at least in my humble opinion, is an overhead walkway, perhaps glass enclosed, through and around Ski Dubai which non-participants can use to enjoy and view the whole Ski Dubai experience, perhaps with it ending up at a ski-side café and souvenir shop.

What can I do in Ski Dubai?
This depends totally on your existing degree of expertise in snow sports. To use the recreational slope for skiing or snowboarding, you need, for your safety and that of others, to be able to stop safely, control your speed, do linked turns and be able to use the ski lifts. Ski Dubai reserves the right to insist any guest leave the slope if they are unable to meet the minimum requirements.

You’ll find more information on the various expertise levels at

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to ski or snowboard in a timely and cost effective way, Ski Dubai is the place to do it. With lessons you’ll very quickly reach level 2 which allows you to ‘hit the slopes’ and further your skills by moving on to more advanced levels of proficiency.

If you can’t prove a basic level of proficiency you’ll be restricted to the snow park areas and taking lessons in either, or both, snowboarding or skiing.

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What lessons?
Ski Dubai has a multinational team of professional instructors trained and certified by the Austrian Snow Sports Academy, with the skills to teach in many different languages and satisfy every learning style and requirement. Ski and snowboarding students will be guided through the skill-based lessons so they can soon feel confident on the slope and have the opportunity to further develop their skills.

Different types of lessons are readily available – private or small group lessons, larger group lessons, lessons just for kids and just for adults – in either skiing or snowboarding. Enrolling in a class is the quickest and safest way to learn and being together with other people of the same ability is a crucial confidence builder: you are no longer the worst on the slope, only one of the worst!

Lessons are offered on a private slope for beginner and level 1 lessons to allow learners to develop effective skills in a controlled environment where safety is a priority. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders are instructed on blue and red groomed runs, reached via flying carpets, lifts and the Express chairlift.

If this is your first visit and you are uncertain as to your skill level the instructors can help.

For much more information and prices have a look at the two main websites about Ski Dubai, and

What’s the Ski Dubai Snow Park?
It’s the world’s largest snow park. Comprising 3000 square meters of snow and it’s a part of Ski Dubai where you can have fun in the tobogganing hills or in a twin-tracked bobsled ride. There’s a snowball throwing gallery and a snow cavern filled with interactive experiences where amazing sights and sounds await you. A large observation tower offers a perfect view of the Ski Dubai main slope. Parents can engage in recreation with their children while building a snowman and playing on the hills. You may even be lucky enough to experience one of the regular snowfalls to add a final touch to this fun-filled snow experience.

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I’m an experienced skier or snowboarder, what can I expect?

  • 5 runs of varying  difficulty, height and steepness
  • The longest run being 400 metres with a fall of over 60 metres making it the world’s first indoor black run
  • For snowboarders, a 90 metre long quarter pipe
  • It’s 85 metres high and 80 metres wide
  • Full capacity of 1500 guests
  • A freestyle zone
  • Quad chairlift, tow lift and flying carpets
  • Mountain resort theme
  • Use of quality equipment and clothing included in the ticket price
  • Qualified professional instructors
  • The entire slope is covered with at least three feet of snow
  • The left-hand side of the slope is a mainly straight run designed for professionals
  • State of the art ticketing system
  • Normal Slope Pass is for 2 hours but it can be extended by 1 hour
  • Full day pass available
  • Changing areas with locker rental
  • Exclusive retail shop – Snow Pro
  • Two ‘cold-side’ cafés – St Moritz Café and Avalanche Café.

Learn more about Mall of the Emirates and other Shopping venues in Dubai.

Opening times

Sunday – Wednesday  : 10am – 11pm
Thursday : 10am – 12 midnight
Friday  : 9am – 12 midnight
Saturday  : 9am – 11pm
Last tickets will be sold at:
Saturday – Wednesday  : 9.30pm
Thursday – Friday : 10.30pm

For up-to-date prices visit or or ring (from within Dubai) 800 5347873. Anyone aged 13 and above is charged adult rates.

Children’s prices are from age 3 to 12. Adults are responsible for the care and conduct of their children. Children 3 to 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times unless in a supervised Snow School lesson or Snow Park programme. Children 8 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the premises unless in a supervised lesson. Helmets must be worn by children up to the age of 12 but are highly recommended for all guests.

What’s included in the price of your Slope Pass*?

  • Jacket
  • Trousers
  • Skis
  • Ski Boots
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard Boots
  • Ski Poles
  • Disposable Socks
  • Helmets for children

(*this assumes guests meet the minimum skill requirements mentioned above).

For those taking lessons or just visiting the Snow Park, equipment suitable for the activity will be provided as per the list above.

What extra costs are there?

  • Locker rental – lockers can be used by several persons
  • A Ski Pass deposit
  • Hats and gloves are not provided for hygiene reasons but can be purchased from the shop, or bring your own
  • Any refreshments bought at the two ‘cold-side’ cafés.

What refreshment facilities are provided on the ‘cold-side’?
Choose from two cafés:

  • St. Moritz Café – offers you the experience of relaxing in a cosy mountain ski lodge with a crackling fireplace whilst looking out onto a fun-filled snow park. The menu has a wide selection of international cuisines to satisfy a variety of discerning tastes – cooked breakfasts, appetisers, salads, soups, crêpes, sandwiches, hearty main courses with side orders, pastas, desserts, drinks and a kids’ menu.
  • Avalanche Café – for those out on the ski slope, stop for a break at this midstation café. The café offers an outdoor terrace so you can watch the action on the slopes. Choose from hot and cold drinks, soup, hot dogs, melted cheese sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, beef paninis, Caesar chicken wraps and crêpes.

One of the highlights of your Dubai holiday should be eating out! For that special meal, see Food and Drink.

What other skiing is available in the region?
Well there’s not much at all, it’s something to do with the weather! There are just two other places to try, and these are both for outdoor skiing:

  • Ski Lebanon which includes The Faraya Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Resort and The Cedars Ski Resort. (Editor – my son and daughter-in-law have been skiing in Lebanon and thought it was marvellous, but it raised questions at US immigration on a subsequent visit to The States as no-one seemed to appreciate the fact that Lebanon is a ski centre!)
  • Ski Cyprus – at the Troodos Ski Resort.

You’ll find more information on

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What is Snow Pro?
Snow Pro is Ski Dubai’s in-house ski shop, at the entrance, which offers quality ranges of goods for all levels of skiing and skiers, including:

  • Ski clothing
  • Skis
  • Ski boots
  • Snowboard clothing
  • Snowboard bindings
  • Gear bags for both skiers and snowboarders
  • Hand, toe and boot warmers
  • Thermal socks and beanies
  • Helmets
  • Goggles
  • Skins
  • Watches
  • Plush toys

They also offer the following services:

  • Expert boot fitment
  • Repairs and tuning with state of the art equipment
  • Waxing and edging of skis and snowboards, and
  • Mounting of bindings on skis.

What else does Ski Dubai offer?

  • Birthday Parties for children of all ages, with private party rooms.
  • Cool Corporate Activities – choose from a range of activities, depending on skill levels and include buffet or set menu options at St. Moritz Café.
  • Various special promotions and events for members and guests.
  • School Programmes.
  • Gift Certificates.

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How is the snow made?
Real snow is made using a simple procedure similar to how snow is artificially made at outdoor ski resorts.
In simple terms:

  • Pure water, with no chemicals added, is put through a chiller to cool.
  • The water is then sent through pipes to the snow guns which are on the ceiling.
  • When the cooled water is blown out into a freezing cold environment it crystallizes and makes snow.
  • The temperature during the time when snow is made is -7°C to -8° C.
  • The final product is real snow, as if it came from nature!

A more detailed explanation is given on the website.

How is the temperature maintained?
The Ski Dubai facility is specially designed as a massive cooler or cold box. It is a double-skinned insulated structure and the roof is 5 metres higher than the ceiling which makes for very effective insulation and makes Ski Dubai one of the best refrigerators in the world.

There are 23 blast coolers, which are like air conditioning machines, that chill the air and maintain a temperature of -1°C during operating hours. There are also kilometres of glycol tubing running through the floor that chills the snow keeping the base of the snow solid and 30 tons of fresh snow is made daily to cover the base.

You can find much fuller information, the rules and regulations, prices for normal skiing or snowboarding, lessons and entry to the Snow Park and on-line booking at and Alternatively you can ring Ski Dubai (from within Dubai) on 800 5347873.

But if you’re already in Dubai why not visit Mall of the Emirates and have a look at Ski Dubai through the various observation windows on the first floor, or drop down a level to Ski Dubai’s reception area.

We like to visit the Chop Chop Chinese/Japanese restaurant in Mall of the Emirates, and have an excellent and very reasonably priced meal whilst sitting at one of their window tables overlooking Ski Dubai. You’ll find more details about this and many other restaurants on our Food and Drink page.

A visit to Ski Dubai could be the highlight of your holiday in Dubai, but’s it not all you’ll want to do. For a host of other ideas of what to do during your stay in Dubai why not have a look at our Places to Visit and Things to Do page.

For more info have a look at or

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