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Souks (Traditional)

Bur Dubai Textile Souk*

Here you'll find textiles imported from all over the world in almost every colour and every fabric. Strike a bargain on your chosen fabric and have it made up into a garment of your choice whilst in Dubai - it'll be much cheaper and quicker than having it done at home. You may find a tailor in the textile souk to do this for you, but it'll probably be cheaper if you take your cloth, along with a picture of the design you want it in, to a tailor in the Satwa or Karama districts.

Deira Gold Souk*

Perhaps the city's best known souk, from the days when Dubai was known as The City of Gold. There are lanes literally full of small shops selling gold, silver, pearls (another plank of Dubai's history), precious stones and jewellery of every type. It's a dazzling experience in every sense of the word. Check the price per gram of gold, on the day, before you go!.

Deira Perfume Souk*

Near to the Gold Souk. To find it just raise your nose to the air. Alright, it might be the spices that first attract your attention, but try to pick out the aromas eminating from the traditional, Arabic spicy ittars, incense powders, designer perfumes, woods and crystals that can be found in the perfume souk. If all else fails, just ask where it is.

Deira Spice Souk*

This is the place to put your sense of smell to the test! Perhaps the 2nd best known souk in Dubai and luckily right next to the Gold Souk. The colours and smells of the various spices on sale is almost intoxicating. Talk to the shopkeepers to find out what the spices can be used for and try a small sample. You can also buy dried fruits and nuts here as well as a whole range of incense burners and shisha pipes.

Meena Bazaar*

Near to the Dubai Museum and Bastakiya in Bur Dubai. 'Little India' as it's sometimes known is a maze of shops selling cottons, silks, handlooms, gold and jewellery. Be aware, it's hard to park in this area.

Additional Info

The older, more traditional souks, which are the places to haggle for a bargain and generally open from 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 10pm.

 Other traditional shopping areas include:

  • Khalid bin al Waleed Road, Bur Dubai – known as ‘Computer Street'.
  • Al Fahida Street*, Bur Dubai - electronics, textiles, tailors, luggage.
  • Karama Centre & Karama Souk - it's two main streets are where you'll find a plethora of shops selling everything - clothes, fashion accessories, tailoring services, leather handbags, watches, rosewood boxes, shisha pipes, Arabian coffee pots, jewellery not to mention a whole host of imitation designer goods - expect to haggle for everything!
  • Diera centre is 'old' Dubai and has a whole host of small streets and alleyways hosting all sorts of small and medium-sized shops plus fish and vegetable souks along the corniche. Go to the Creek in Bur Dubai and catch an abra across the Creek for 1Dhs to enjoy a day of exploration.
  • Satwa is known for its fabric shops and tailors. Decide on your design, if it helps take a photo along of what you want, and get a suit, dress or jacket made up for unbelieveably low prices and in double quick time.

 * - it’s possible to hop off and hop on the Big Bus tours at, or near, these places.

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