The Heritage & Culture of Dubai

If you’d like to know more about the history of Dubai, how it’s run, and the main elements of its heritage, then you’ll probably find it in the menu above.

On our numerous visits to Dubai, we’ve gradually taken to learning more about the background to the Emirates as a whole and Dubai in particular, and we find that having this greater background knowledge really enhances our trips to Dubai.

Dubai is not, and doesn’t claim to be, a democracy, but, as a former mayor of our home town in the UK said when he made a trip to Dubai with us ‘they really know how to get things done’. We’re not making a political statement here, but what he was referring to was the speed with which changes can be made and things can be built when they do not have to spend years going through the many layers of local and national planning bureaucracy encountered in some Western countries.

So whether you would like an idea of the Power and Politics as to how the UAE and Dubai are governed, a Brief History of Dubai, or an overview of Arabian Hospitality, you’ll find information about these and other subjects listed in the menu above. We hope you find our articles of interest.

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