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Dubai Public Beaches

Dubai has some fabulous beaches. Here we try to help you find one near to where you are staying or ones worth travelling to!

Beach Rules – This is Important!

JBR Beach

Dubai has miles and miles of sandy beaches. On what was originally a relatively straight line, the shoreline has been developed to create areas of public and private beaches.

They’re not always easy to find or to get to, and some have more than one name. Ask at your accommodation reception which is the best and easiest to find ‘local’ beach. The chances are unless you’ve hired a car you’ll need to use a taxi to get there. Taxis are cheap so don’t be afraid of using them – just know where you want to go and what it’s near to, this’ll give the driver a clue if you get the one who only arrived in Dubai the day before you – have no fear, most taxis and their drivers are fine. However don’t think you can get to a beach on the Metro system – you can’t, it doesn’t go close enough to any of them.

Let’s not beat about the bush, if you’re staying in a 5* beachfront hotel - and virtually all hotels by the beaches are 5* - you’ll find guests hardly ever feel the need to go looking for a public beach. Why would you when a 5* hotel will tender to your every need to keep you within their grounds and private beaches? They’ll offer cold water sprays, cold towels, cold drinks, sun shades and fancy loungers all at the click of your fingers. If you want to try them out, many beachside hotels will allow you to purchase a day pass to make use of some or all of their facilities. Just contact the hotel to find out more.

JBR Beach

However nearly all under 5* Dubai hotels are away from the beachfront and are generally not within comfortable walking distance of a beach. Traipsing a mile with towel and sunshade under your arm is not what Dubai is about. Walking a distance like this can be unbearable under the mid-day sun, some major roads are impossible to cross on foot and taxis are so cheap it makes trying to walk unnecessary.

Visiting a beach? Don’t Forget!
Take cold bottled water or preferably pre-frozen bottled water (and bury it in the sand), strong sunscreen, sun shades, sunglasses, flip flops, a towel, possibly a hat of some sort, if you’re not renting a sunbed something to sit on, and clothing to cover up when you’ve had enough sun and which would be acceptable in a Dubai Mall.

Don’t leave your brain at home – sunstroke and dehydration can kill!
Beach Rules – This is Important!

Dubai Public Beach

There are upwards of ten public beaches interspersed between the 5* hotels. They have grown up, with in some cases, more than one name attached to them. Here we try to make special mention of our favourite beaches and those of our Dubai-based family and offer comment on others.

Working along the coastline from the North-East (Deira/Sharjah) across the Creek to the Jebel Ali end of Dubai in the South West these are most of the public beaches you will come across or hear about. Click for info on specific beaches.

Be aware, as at April 2015, beaches around Mercato and 4x4 beach are undergoing redevelopment and are largely fenced off. This should lead to a great improvement of the beaches affected but it may be a year or two before all the work is completed.

Map of locations of Dubai Beaches

These are the beaches featured. Favourite touristy beaches are marked with an *.

A - Jebel Ali Beach

B - Hidden Beach

C - JBR Beach (aka The Beach, JBR Walk or Marina Beach)*

D - Palace Beach

E - Sunset Beach (aka Jumeirah Public Beach, Burj Beach or Umm Suqeim Beach Park)*

F - Bu Qtair Beach

G - Kite Beach (aka Kitesurfing Beach or Free-fun Beach)*

H - Sunset Mall Beach

 I - 4x4 Beach (aka La Plage Beach)

 J - Mercato Beach

K - Jumeirah Open Beach (aka Russian Beach)*

L - Al Mamzar Beach Park*

You may hear or read about Jumeirah Beach Park. This, a large and popular beach park near to 4x4 beach, is now no longer there. It has been completely expunged from the face of the earth and much development work is being carried out around where it was to form a canal type exit for the waters of the Creek. It's an example of how Dubai can change literally overnight. We wait to see if, when this work is finished, Jumeirah Beach park is rebuilt. Possibly development work may also take over 4x4 beach.

Beach Rules – This is Important!

Beaches are just one aspect of a fabulous holiday in Dubai. For other great ideas visit Places to Visit and Things to Do.

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