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"Great website. Will now be my main research tool for my visit to Dubai in April. Keep up the good work." - Cathy Merchant

It's hard to believe that Dubai, a city surrounded by desert and mountains, was once a small fishing and pearl-diving settlement. In a very short time it has grown at an astonishing rate to become one of the most luxurious, chic and cosmopolitan cities in the world. It's now the modern day crossroads of the Middle East with world class hotels and resorts, great beaches, amazing man-made attractions, futuristic buildings, shopping to die for and, not least, year-round sunshine. Why wait any longer - it's time to visit Dubai!

Are you planning to take your holidays in Dubai? Are you visiting Dubai on business? Or will it be a bit of both? Whatever the reason for your trip we think you'll find Richard's Dubai Guide highly useful both in the planning stage before you go and whilst you're there. So why not bookmark it as a favourite?

This guide started off as a series of personal comments and observations, thoughts and ideas based on Richard's many visits to Dubai and family experience of living in Dubai, or Dubayy as it's sometimes written, for a combined total of over twenty five years. It was originally, in a smaller form, written for guests attending our daughter's wedding in Dubai who chose to extend their visit into a full scale Dubai holiday.

Important Information and suggestions from other published literature and websites has also now been included to help give a fuller picture and better understanding of this fascinating city. So if you want to learn more about Hotels in Dubai, the outstanding Shopping in Dubai or simply the best ways of Getting Around Dubai, this site is here to give you guidance.

We try to keep the website reasonably up to date and as accurate as possible, but can't guarantee this or be held responsible if we've got it wrong. After all, things change very quickly, sometimes within hours, in Dubai.

Do your own research before you go and you'll have a fantastic holiday or business trip. This guide is just a start to that research. If things have changed, or we've given incorrect information, or you've come across something new that you think may be worth a mention, or you just want to comment, please Contact Us and we'll update the site.


Aimed at the first time or potential, probably Western-type, visitor, we try to give you a flavour of the place, suggest what to do, how to get around, what to expect and generally help offset any worries you may have about visiting, possibly for the first time, a Muslim country.

Your knowledge and impression of Muslim countries has probably been gleaned from a thousand TV reports and will be proved not to be quite as you're expecting when you visit 'Plastic Fantastic' Dubai for the first time. It's Middle-Eastern, it's Muslim, but it's also something of an isolated bubble in the desert.

Yes, it's a Muslim country with its own culture, laws and rules that must be obeyed, but it's also a massive and ever-changing city that to a degree overlooks and even accepts the idiosyncrasies of its many and varied communities.

We admit we like Dubai! We like the weather, we like the attractions, we like the quality of most hotels, we like the adventurous and imaginative way it's been allowed to develop, we like the many WOW factors and we like the fact that it's rulers have, in general, made a great job of it all and seem to be held in high regard by both expats and nationals.

As such, resident expats, at least the sensible ones, hold to the mantra 'you know the rules, so stick to them'. Do the same, you'll be fine and you'll have a different, but fabulous, once in a lifetime holiday experience. Our Important Information page will give you a wealth of useful information about such things as the Currency of Dubai, the Necessities of Dubai and importantly the attitude to Drink and Drugs in Dubai.

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